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You hear this word a lot today; “Outsourcing”. Everyone is doing it, from tiny start ups to major corporations. Even individuals are turning to outsourcing. Think about it.  Do most people change their own oil any more? How many people do you know who still mow their own lawns? But outsourcing has gone beyond manual labor tasks. More and more people are outsourcing all kinds of things from gift buying to online dating. These days, you can out source just about anything!


Of course if you want to “outsource your life” as the book says you are going to have to pay. For instance, it will cost you around $800 a month, to have a virtual assistant through


However, there is an entirely different type of outsourcing, that won’t cost you a dime.


What I am about to tell you may sound odd or even crazy to many of you but stay with me and I believe that you will see the truth of it.


If you know anything at all about me you know that I am a results driven person. In other words, if it works I do it!  I’m not too concerned with the why’s and how’s as long as I get the result that I want.  Recently, I have discovered  that I have  access to more help that I had ever imagined possible. You may have heard the expression “turn it over to your “higher power.” That is exactly what I have started doing, with some surprising results.


But let’s back up for a minute. We all have had strange coincidences on our life; times when things seem to mysteriously just work out. Let me site an example from Jean Slatter’s book Hiring the Heavens.  A woman looses the pearl from her ring while gardening and then a few hours later finds her dog playing with something which turns out to be the missing pearl.


The skeptic in me jumps up and says, “That’s why it’s called a COINCIDENCE!” But, let’s just pretend for a minute that there is some higher power at work here.  It doesn’t hurt to pretend right? After all you played all kinds of pretend games as a kid. Even some adults play role playing games, and do war reenactments.  No harm. No foul. Right?  While we are at it let’s pretend that this “higher power” is not judging us, or telling us what to do, or trying to run our lives in any way. In fact since this is our fantasy, let’s say that this power is at our complete disposal; at our command in fact. We wield this power and can cause it to do what we want at will.  But it is more than a magic wand or replicator like they have on Star Trek. This is an intelligent force. This higher power understands us and knows what we actually mean when we ask for something. It doesn’t need complicated programming like a computerized device like a replicator, and it always has our best interest in mind.  We can think of this higher power is a sort all powerful, all knowing “Girl Friday.”


So now that you have this all power Girl Friday at your disposal, what would you have her do? Help you design your website? Mix and master your CD? Find a sound man for your next show? Create the perfect promotional campaign for your latest release?


Let’s just assume that our Girl Friday can handle any task that you throw at her with total and complete ease. Our Girl Friday is so good in fact, she actually knows when something that we are asking for isn’t really in our best interest and she is able find a better alternative.  Now who wouldn’t want to have some one like that at on their team?


Kids, I’m hear to tell you that you actually do have this assistance. Your higher power or “Our Girl Friday” is ready and waiting to help out whenever you need her.


I can hear you saying, “Wait a minute. Are you telling me that I am supposed to turn over my life to some figment of my imagination?”


Yes I am! And No I’m not… Let me explain.


It doesn’t matter if your higher power is some product of your own imagination or consciousness or if it is angels, spirit guides, extra-dimensional beings, or aliens.  In fact it can be anything that you want it to be. If you are a religious person, your higher power may take the form of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or Krishna. If you consider your self “spiritual but not religious” you may choose to envision angels or spirit guides that help you. If you are a hard core atheist you may think of your higher power as accessing the quantum field, the collective consciousness, your higher self, or engaging the frontal lobe. It doesn’t really matter.  Remember what I said at the beginning of this discussion. We only care about one thing…results!  Without going into a bunch of psychological mumbo jumbo, it is a proven fact that people tend to create more, do more, accomplish more when they have a sense that they are being helped by something outside of and greater than themselves. There is a lot of debate about where this help comes from, but that is a discussion for another article. The point is; it works. So we will use it!


So how do we go about getting Girl Friday working for us? Let’s break this down into a few easy steps.


  1. Have a      desire. Want something. It can be small, or it can be gi-normous. It      doesn’t matter no job is too big or too small for Our Girl Friday!


  1. Ask…      “ye have not because ye ask not”. Open your mouth and VERBALLY ask. Don’t      mumble your request. Don’t ask timidly at all.  Ask with authority. Our Girl Friday is      at your disposal. She just needs to know what you want her to do. Make      your request firmly.


  1. Give      thanks. Be grateful. When you ask one of your employees or a co-worker to      do something you always say, “Thanks.” Right? This works for Girl Friday      too!


  1. Let it      go! It is done. Move on. You don’t have to worry about it. When it enters      your mind, remind yourself that Our Girl Friday is on it. She knows      EXACTLY what do. There is no need to worry. No need to keep asking or      reminding her. Remind yourself that it is done.



It is very important that you have a light hearted attitude through out this entire process. Have fun with this. Giggle. Laugh. Keep it light and enjoy the process. No begging or pleading. No desperate appeals. Ask with joy and gratitude. Have faith that it is in the works. Also, be patient. Our Girl Friday is on it!


Lou Lombardi is a musician and motivational author and educator. He works with musicians helping them create sustainability, vitality, and longevity.  Get Lou’s 5 Quick Tip Videos TOTALLY FREE at

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