Who We Are

 B.C. Cliver

B.C. Cliver fell in love with music very early in life and has been performing on stage since the age of 11.  She sings in a wide variety of styles and genres, from classical choral works and solo repertoire to blues and heavy metal. She describes herself as a “singer/songwriter/lead and rhythm guitarist”, and has played guitar and focused on songwriting for over 30 years. She has performed with several different bands over the years, playing blues, punk, pop/rock, R&B, and hard rock/metal. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Applied Voice from the University of Wisconsin/Madison.

B.C. is also an American College of Sports Medicine certified Health and Fitness Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Her specialties include pre- and post surgical, traumatic injury, cancer and other illness survivors, and HIV. She particularly enjoys the challenge of helping clients with long-term repetitive stress injuries, such as computer programmers, office workers, and musicians. Being a musician gives B.C. a unique insight into the
difficulties and stressors of various instruments, and a firm belief, based in experience, that “Playing music should never be painful to the artist: if it is, something needs to be corrected.”  Even simple exercises, practiced regularly like scales, can make a world of difference.

Lou Lombardi

Lou Lombardi is a guitarist well versed in most popular styles with over 20 years of live and studio experience. Lou Lombardi started performing on stage at the age of 10, playing drums with his father’s gospel quartet. After years of piano and drum lessons he found his true calling, playing the guitar. Within a year of picking up his first six string, he started playing live shows with garage bands, gospel quartets and acoustic duos.

Desiring to hone his chops beyond basic rock and pop music he sought out the teaching talents of Pittsburgh guitar greats Tony Janflone Sr. and Eric Sousoff. Later, while majoring in English Literature in college, he studied classical guitar with Pittsburgh Symphony guitarist and cellist Irving Kauffman, at the same time working numerous big band and jazz combo sessions and shows. He is also a student of Tom Hess currently enrolled in the Music Careers Mentoring Program

In recent years Lou has worked with several well received bands including Wanton Records recording artists “Love in Ruins,” with which he composed, arranged, and produced 3 CD’s worth of music. He also has production, songwriting, and guitar credits to his name with quite a few other groups and artists such as, Billy Sunday, Pete Hewlett, Supermonkey, Julie Parker, Petey Gets Around, just to name a few.


His latest studio endeavors consist of creating the sounds for “The Hug,” a robot developed by the Interaction Design Team at Carnegie Mellon University,. He composed and recorded the musical score for the short film “The Heidelberg Project” at his own studio Lou’s Guitar Lounge. At this writing he is the lead vocalist, guitarist and principle song writer for his own band Lou Lombardi‘s Strangelove which performs regular shows around the tri-state area while finishing up their first full length CD. Lou has also done extensive research on fitness and longevity along with Personal Trainer and fellow guitarist B.C. Cliver. Their forthcoming ebook/video Rockstar Bodies For Musicians Over 40 will be available soon.

ANN C. LAKER – Writer/author

Ann. C. Laker was born in Kent, England in 1943 and taken to London as a child immediately following WWII to be raised by her grandparents, a very common happening in those years.  Always addicted to books, she spent many a night under the bedcovers with a flashlight and a book as a child. She won a London wide composition contest in 1955 and received a signed copy of Jack London’s book Call of The Wild.  This began her writing influences.  However, the writing wasn’t to come to fruition until much later when she retired.  In 1962, she left England as a single parent with her young daughter, to travel to New Zealand where she lived attending Victoria University in Wellington finishing her Bachelor degree in English.  Always considered the ‘black sheep’ in the family because of her adventurous and free spirit doing as she wished and considered a person ahead of her time.

After New Zealand, moved on to Australia where she worked for a year in a beachside coffee shop on Bondi Beach, then intermittently visited countries in Europe.  Not being wealthy, but enjoying adventure, called for working throughout her travels to enable her to move on, finally, in 1970, landed in British Columbia, Canada, working in several environments until settling at the University of British Columbia for many years in the Sciences and Medicine departments, writing occasional articles and blogs. Then, when retired, moved to beautiful Vancouver Island, where she works at home as a full time freelance writer and illustrator.  Her travels and life experiences have contributed enormously to the inspiration and imagination put into her writing.

Ann is imaginative, creative and can make any writing project about most subjects inspiring, informative and interesting. Having written over 5000 articles, web and SEO content pages as well as numerous pages of other content, blogs and other written documents, including business and legal documents, speeches, stories, manuscripts, catalogues, newsletters and books, children’s books and short stories, several novels one published, with three novellas and a children’s story published on E-Books.  She has written a 360-page manual on fundraising, assisted with processing and compilation of a 350 page Training Manual for nursing. Compiled and edited a newsletter for three years, edited and compiled a Vancouver Island Artists Directory for the Regional Arts Society, she qualifies as an experienced writer and author.

Hobbies include drawing, painting, digital art and photography.  Ann is an avid reader of about four or five books a week. Visit the Website at www.writing-right.net