The Secret Weapon: 3 Tips to boost your Creativity

Mental Tips

If you’re like most musicians, you are always looking for new ideas, new licks, grooves, lyrics, or riffs.  We are creators!  We like to come up with new stuff to do with our music.  Unfortunately that is often a hard thing to do.  Do you ever feel stuck?  Do you feel like you’re just playing the same old licks?  Do you feel “blocked”?  Are you struggling to finish the lyrics to the second verse of that song you’ve been working of for the last two weeks? You might want to put the guitar down and hit the gym.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have been hearing that working out is the way that we strengthen our bodies, increase life span and stave off old age.  All true…you won’t get an argument from me on any of those points. But did you know that exercise has some additional perks that you  may not be aware of?  One of those is that exercise stimulates creativity…do you I have your attention now?

Recent studies involving school age children have shown that the capacity for learning is significantly increased when children move around, run, dance jump etc… while being taught.  In his book Spark the Revolution, John J. Ratey M.D. says that exercise is like taking a little Prozac or Ritalin.  The idea is to “clear the fog” so to speak.  Regular exercise increases endorphin production which leads to a greater sense of well being and an over all increased positive attitude.  This is the most productive state of mind for problem-solving…a.k.a being creative.  You cannot create in a fog. When you are blocked your state of mind is most definitely less than positive.  The most effective way to turn this around is to move your body!

Here are 3 tips for boosting your creativity using exercise.

  1. For best results you want to make sure that you get at least 30 minutes of rigorous exercise a day at least 5 days/week.  It can be anything from a brisk walk to hard core weight training or running but it should be enough to increase your heart rate into your target zone.
  1. Work out before sitting down to write music or lyrics or even before practicing. This will get those problem solving endorphins flowing.
  1. If you feel stuck or blocked stop working. Get up and move around. Put on some music and dance around your house or apartment. Better yet, go for a brisk walk or run out side.  Get your heart rate up for 20 minutes or so.  You may want to take a note pad or mini voice recorder with you.  Your “break-through” will more than likely come to you before you get back to your house.

There is no need to make this complicated. Movement stimulates the creative juices, no matter if that movement is choreographed “dance moves”, a brisk walk, or holding various yoga poses.  The most important thing to remember is to move your body. Stimulate the body and the mind is sure to follow!

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