Positive Mental Health As It Relates To Physical Fitness and Music

Mental Tips

Are you one to spurn the mental attitude positive thinking stuff?  Also, have you noticed when your body hurts so does your mind and visa versa.  When you think negative thoughts, are stressed or upset with things in general, you get snappy, irritable, tired and your body hurts from the tension.  If you are a musician being in this frame of mind and soul does not help the creative side, and it becomes difficult to concentrate and play to the best of your ability.  Stiff arms and fingers don’t help a proficient guitar player at all.

Creative Visualization is a form of meditation and is a fancy name for “relax, then think all kinds of pleasurable thoughts and put them into a creative mode, imagine you are acting on those thoughts, and see it mentally.”  It also means bringing positive, mental health and attitudes into your life.  For anyone creative, conjuring up positive and pleasant thoughts can be easy when putting them into mental pictures and this type of meditation can be accomplished anywhere, but being in a quieter environment with others of the same mind, makes this exercise easier and more flourishing, the multiple minds creating maxi positive thoughts and emotions.  To create stimulating, motivational and positive thoughts disposes of the stress and you begin to relax.  If you are alone when you meditate try laying down, this would be a good time to make sure every part of your body is relaxed by starting with your feet and working your way up.  As you ‘see’ the relaxation taking place with each limb you imagine and relax, your mind can gradually dispel of all negative inspirations and turn them positive with his form of meditation.   This is creative visualization.  You can close your eyes and get immersed in a believable vision; you are up on stage in front of thousands of people all screaming for more of your great music.  Think harder, get rid of any other thoughts, suddenly you can feel the positive vibes that are emanating from the imaginary crowd in your mind.   Stand to the back of the crowd and see yourself, you can see yourself playing your ultimate best now you are relaxed you are enjoying this ‘mind movie’ starring you, and you are glad people love you and your music.   You can of course change that scene into a meadow full of daisies, or a rushing river, whatever you like and wherever you would like, and once you come back to reality you will find your mind has brightened and the outlook is much better, your body more relaxed and ready.

Yoga is not just about making supremely graceful moves and keeping your balance while doing so, it is about good physical and mental health, which in turn enhances creativity and inspiration.   To achieve this much of the time we should be conscientious about our diet, but in this busy world, that is a bucket list item.  You should make sure your body is in good enough condition to perform certain tasks, there are over 20 Yoga Poses for Stress alone, and for the guitar player there are over 20 poses for arm strength, and for hands and fingers there are more than 10 Yoga poses.   Don’t let their names scare you, you will be amazed at how easily you can fold into all kinds of ‘ohm’ positions.

It is important for all, not just musicians to have a positive outlook and attitude, in this world, that could be hard to accomplish, but with good mental health and positive attitude comes good physical health and strength, after 40 should be no problem.  If your schedule is too busy to spend extended time with creative visualization or Yoga, getting into the habit of five minute ‘boosters’ can work anywhere.   A five-minute booster is a ‘take a quickie break for the mind’ type of meditation.  Just stop everything, find something to concentrate on, such as staring at nothing or a spot on the wall, empty your mind, quickly.  Your five minutes goes fast, so don’t fill your mind with trivialities, empty it.  Drift away, stay wherever you went mentally for a couple of minutes, then back to what you were doing.  You might not feel it but your mind is clearer.  As you get more accustomed to doing this five-minute booster meditation exercise, you will definitely notice the difference in everything.  Your music or vocation will improve your mental attitude and outlook in general will give you more confidence.

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