No Mr. Spock, humans are not logical!

Mental Tips

If you think that you make descisions based on sound reasoning or logic you would be completely wrong! Human beings are emotion driven creatures. Most of our decisions are based primarily on emotions. We decide to do something or not to do something based either on how we feel about it or how we imagine our choice will make us feel. Don’t believe me? Why did you decide to become a musician? Would you agree that that decision was probably one of the bigger decisions that you made in you life? Did you weigh all the options, do a bunch of research and after careful examination of all the facts decided to learn to play guitar? You can kid yourself if you want but if you are honest with yourself you will have to admit that you wanted to play music because it made you feel good to play. In fact most of the major decisions that we make as human beings are made out of emotion. We get married because of emotion. We get divorced because of emotion. Our decision to pick a certain career is highly influenced by emotion.We want to have kids because of emotion. It’s all about the feeling!

A lot of people have talked about mastering their emotions and not being so “emotionally driven”. That may seem like a noble approach on the surface but it’s a loosing proposition. This stems from the idea that emotions are a weakness that we need to overcome and conquer. First of all e cannot escape our emotions, but even if we could it is always much better to concentrate on enhancing strengths than trying to overcome weaknesses. It takes a lot of effort to overcome anything and if it is something that is heavily ingrained you may only overcome for a short period of time before you have slipped backward to your old ways again.

But what if we need not over come or master our emotions at all? What if we could harness these powerful gifts and mold them and shape them to bring us great success in all our endeavours? This is totally possible and it is being done all the time. And you don’t just need the “good” emotions either… any emotion can be harnessed and focused to move you in the direction that you want to go. Fear and anger can be just as helpful as love and gratitude. Fear of poverty has driven many to great financial success. Anger over social injustices has cause people to abolish slavery. There are no “bad” emotions. Like Eric Clapton says, “It’s in the way that you use it.” The next time you feel over come with emotion take a minute and ask yourself, “How can I harness this very powerful feeling to move me closer to my greater goals and desires?” Harness your emotions and you can accomplish anything.

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