Aging Musicians

Physical Tips

Because of the baby boomer syndrome many musicians these days are over 40.  Many famous musicians are over 40!  Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, KISS, not forgetting the ‘fair’ sex in this issue, Madonna, Shania Twain, Debbie Harry and Jennifer Lopez.

I haven’t seen any obvious wear and tear on any of them, only good shape and lots of energy.  This must account for their glorious presence in the industry.  Besides their talents, their looks play a really important role in their performance and stage appearance.  Madonna for instance is a great example of a musician over 40.  Stevie Nicks is an amazing 60 something!

I guess keeping up with the Joneses as far as fitness and music popularity is concerned is big business in the celebrity world.  With so many great shapes up on stage doesn’t it want to make you pitch in and be a part of that rockstar body generation?  Visualize yourself in that skin tight T, clinging blue jeans and screaming fans, could you remain this good looking without working at keeping in shape.

I suppose mostly it is a frame of mind, you are either lazy and unenthusiastic, whereby you will remain fat and ugly, or eager and energetic, hence you will shine.  We all know how good exercise is for you, whether you are a musician or not, but when you appear for fans, sleek and  clean is essential.

So, squeaky clean and solid is the thought for the day, squeaky clean inside and solid on the outside.  The program Rockstar Bodies might give one good incentive to approach this unique blue print with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Let us know what you think about musicians over 40 from the boomer era!

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